About Us


Titan Renewables safety program starts at the top with the Executive Team’s commitment and communication.  We utilize the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) program, the Behavioral Based Safety Program and in-depth tailgate discussions before each and every task.  We encourage two way communication between all parties no matter their position or seniority when it comes to safety.  Titan’s approach to safety is the same as it is to quality.  By utilizing the BBS program, we collect input from required pier observations helping us understand the technician needs or procedural changes that are required to ensure the safety of all Titan employees.

The objective of Titan is a safety and health program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing the best experience of similar operations by others.

Our goal is zero accidents and injuries.



Titan Renewables strives to provide a zero defect service. In order to reach this goal we utilize the Total Quality Management (TQM) system. The TQM system is a comprehensive and structured approach to organizational management that seeks to improve the quality of services through ongoing refinements in response to continuous feedback. There are many tools utilized within the TQM system, but our primary tool is the practice of Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA). We focus on understanding the issue, devising a corrective action to overcome, implementing the solution and following up to ensure it was corrected. We will operate and maintain your solar farms as if they were our own, ensuring maximum production with minimum cost

Leadership Team

Bo Thisted – Chief Executive Officer

bo thisted
Bo has been a leader in renewables for over 25 years. He was one of the original architects of O&M and EHS standards for General Electric. He also led the initial roll-out of the GE 1.5 MW fleet in North America and later managed all GE prototype and special projects. He went onto found UpWind Solutions, the largest independent service provider with nearly 3GW under long term O&M agreements.

Bill Jacks – President

Bill is an industry veteran that has an 18 year background of Renewables, High Voltage, and Safety and Training positions working with companies such as Xcel Energy, Progress Energy, Clipper Windpower, and UpWind Solutions. Bill has extensive experience in company organization, O&M, field operations, safety and training, and quality operations

Rick Reiter – Director of Operations

rick reiter
Rick has a long history of Operational Management and Leadership. As a retired Naval Officer, he brought his leadership experience to the renewable industry 10 years ago. During that time, he has managed over a combined 4 GW of renewable projects while working with Nextera Energy Resources, Nordex, Clipper Windpower and MHI Windpower. Rick has experience in Portfolio P&L, O&M Services, Safety and Training. Rick focuses on the relationship between the safe and quality operations of the site and the P&L.