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Titan Renewables is focusing on providing value throughout the life cycle of your project. We develop, construct and operate cost-effective and technologically advanced solar projects in North & Latin America and abroad. Our customers span from Residential and Commercial to large Utilities, Non-profits and Government.

Operations & Maintenance


Despite the fact that PV systems are low maintenance, that does not mean they’re maintenance free. To maintain your system
optimization for the 25 to 30 year life cycle, having an Annual
Maintenance Plan (AMP) from COD is very important.

Titan Renewables is a leader in Full Service Solar O&M and EPC
project support. The current industry demand for quality support is high and can be costly if you are not using an experienced service provider.

By partnering with us you will have access to and support by; Extensive Industry Leadership, A Large Pool of Qualified
Technicians and an Advanced Safety and Quality Assurance

All the tools needed to ensure your project is completed
on time and on budget.

Overall PV performance will increase if you have a solid long-term commitment to a preventative and predictive maintenance

Let Titan Renewables help you develop a maintenance program tailored to your specific sites needs that includes schedule of inspections, testing, maintenance plan, and overall system
efficiency operational plan.

This plan will include specific items such as scheduled PM’s and system checks, thermal imaging, emergency response and corrective maintenance for system issues,
plant monitoring, vegetation control, and modular washing.