Operations & Maintenance Support

A well-defined O&M plan helps mitigate risk and optimize assets

Despite the fact that PV systems are low maintenance, that does not mean they’re maintenance free. To maintain your system optimization for the 25 to 30 year life cycle, having an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) from COD is very important.

Titan Renewables is a leader in Full Service Solar O&M and EPC project support. The current industry demand for quality support is high and can be costly if you are not using an experienced service provider. By partnering with us you will have access to and support by; Extensive Industry Leadership, A Large Pool of Qualified Technicians and an Advanced Safety and Quality Assurance Program. All the tools needed to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Overall PV performance will increase if you have a solid long-term commitment to a preventative and predictive maintenance program. Let Titan Renewables help you develop a maintenance program tailored to your specific sites needs that includes – schedule of inspections, testing, maintenance plan, and overall system efficiency operational plan. This plan will include specific items such as scheduled PM’s and system checks, thermal imaging, emergency response and corrective maintenance for system issues, plant monitoring, vegetation control, and modular washing.

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Operations & Maintenance
Panel Washing

Panel Washing

Solar panel cleaning is an essential component of any solar maintenance program. Dirty panels produce less electricity than clean panels.  Our maintenance team is available to clean solar panel arrays anywhere around the world.  As a part of the cleaning service,  we perform a visual inspection of the solar array and provide you with a written report of the findings.

The typical cleaning services includes the following:

  • Inspect site prior to work being performed. Note any hazardous conditions.
  • Cover all electrical equipment, i.e. inverters and combiner boxes, beneath area to be cleaned with tarps prior to cleaning.
  • No chemicals or abrasives are applied to solar modules during the cleaning process.
  • Spray down all solar modules with de-ionized conditioned water at minimal pressure. (No high pressure washers are to be used.)
  • In heavy soil situations a soft bristle automotive style brush to be used to break free accumulated soil on surface of solar modules. Brushes are designed to avoid micro fractures or scratches on surface of solar modules.

Quality Control Inspection

Wherever you are, Titan Renewable’s experienced QA/QC staff provides on-site inspection and oversight for any size project or need. Our certified Lead Auditors perform supplier audits, commercial grade surveys/source verifications, and source surveillance activities. Our certified quality inspectors are ready to help in a moment’s notice with on-site inspections at supplier and/or customer facilities no matter the discipline.

Performing Turnaround QA/QC provides several benefits to an organization. When a project or equipment has properly undergone both quality assurance and quality control, it has a far lower chance of having defects and is less susceptible to failures or project inefficiencies. If a process or project has undergone proper QA/QC testing, clients can be more confident that project or process will operate reliably and hold up to their standards.

Fully Trained, Certified and Accredited Quality Personnel

  • Inspection Disciplines – Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, I&C, Structural, Welding, Receipt
  • Source Inspection/Vendor Surveillance Auditors
  • Lead Auditors

Quality Inspection Disciplines:

  • Vendor Surveillance
  • Field Inspectors – Mechanical, Electrical, Civil
  • Site Quality Supervisor/Leads
  • Site Quality Engineers
  • Document Controls

Quality Control Inspector:

  • Site Surveillance
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Civil
  • I&C
  • Receipt
  • Dimensional

Asset Management

Titan Renewables provides distributed energy asset management services to end-users (owner-operators and third-party owners), as well as EPC companies and developers.

PV installations are very highly valued assets, and are frequently installed with complex financing, ownership relationships and regulatory requirements.  PV plant owners, having a trusted and independent third-party company overseeing and measuring your operations can be invaluable.  Let Titan use our years of experience to maximize the output of your asset and optimize the plants production.  Titan understands that the operational life of these assets requires strict solar asset management to maximize the lifespan, maintain maximum productivity of assets and to provide accurate information to all ownership levels.

Titan’s Asset Management is a full life-cycle service that includes:

  • Solar asset-management.
  • Commissioning or re-commissioning the system
  • Asset Acceptance
  • Performance monitoring
  • As-bid vs as-built reconciliation
  • As-built vs expected production reconciliation
  • Event monitoring and dispatch
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Billing and A/R
  • Financial and tax reporting

Project Support

At Titan Renewables, we understand the importance of online assets.  With the increased demand for solar project completion and repairs there comes a demand for quality technicians.  We have the ability to support any and all project manpower needs.  When you see a Titan employee walk on your site, you can be comfortable knowing they do so with industry experience, training and safety requirements.  Let us cover your manpower shortage or reduce the sites downtime by completing:

  • Short term repair projects
  • Warranty repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Retrofits