Residential Rooftop

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Titan Renewables is focusing on providing value throughout the life cycle of your project. We develop, construct and operate cost-effective and technologically advanced solar projects in North & Latin America and abroad. Our customers span from Residential and Commercial to large Utilities, Non-profits and Government.

Residential Rooftop

You own your home, now it’s time to own your electricity. With solar, you can invest in your own energy instead of making endless payments to the utility company. We’ll work with you to design the perfect residential solar system.

Titan Renewables specialize in residential solar installations. We make the process smooth, make sure the aesthetics are just right, and pride ourselves on attention to detail. We want every customer to love their investment.

A residential solar system installation will:

Investing in solar lowers your electric bill and secures your energy needs for years to come. While most residential systems pay for themselves in 8-10 years, these solar systems can save you and your family money for 25-30 years. That means that your solar system can return 3-4 times the cost of investment over the life of the system, and don’t forget that producing your own electricity makes you immune to increasing energy rates.

Call our team to discuss your individual project or portfolio.

  • Lower your electric bills
  • Produce clean energy for your home
  • Come with a 25-year module warranty, and 10-year labor guarantee
  • Earn you a 30% tax credit
  • Allow you to monitor the system from your phone or computer
  • Allow the addition of batteries or backup power (if requested)