Our Services

Titan Renewables is focusing on providing value throughout the life cycle of your project. We develop, construct and operate cost-effective and technologically advanced solar projects in North & Latin America and abroad. Our customers span from Residential and Commercial to large Utilities, Non-profits and Government.

At Titan Renewables, O&M goes beyond ordinary operations and maintenance; O&M stands for optimizing availability and maximizing energy yield – and ultimately ROI – over the full project life span. Our results speak for themselves. Tonian delivers the highest possible energy yield and project ROI. We achieve this by not only delivering an industry leading average availability, but by reducing cost per KW hour because our world-class technicians fix it right the first time.

Shared goals. Aligned interests. Mutual success.

Our relentless commitment to quality is the key to delivering the highest performance in the industry and the cornerstone of our guarantee.

Our Quality Team: The deep-industry experience of our management team combined with our practice of hiring the highest quality technicians adds up to the best in class O&M team in the industry.

Our Quality Performance: Our technicians are trained and incentivized to do the right thing at the right time, the first time and every time.

Our Quality Relationships: We align our interests with those of wind project owners so that when they succeed, we succeed. Shared success isn’t just our promise, it’s our business model.

a. Comprehensive O&M Service

We offer quality O&M service on your terms, with turnkey solutions across the value chain.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Construction and inspection services
  • Unscheduled maintenance and repair
  • BOP (Balance of Plant) services
  • Asset management
  • Asset Inspections & Due Diligence

b. Major Maintenance Solutions

We provide prompt, comprehensive service for major component repair and replacement.

  • Gearboxes
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Blades

c. Blade Solutions

Our unrivaled experience, superior quality and rapid response make us the leader in blade repair.

  • Blade and composite repair
  • Preventive blade maintenance
  • Quality blade inspections

d. Spare Parts Solutions

Our expertise ensures parts availability and faster response times.

  • Optimized inventory
  • Customized solutions
  • Reduced downtime